To See Modernization and Nationalism from the Lens of Vizontele

Hi Everybody,

We worked on Vizontele for MMC304  Sociology of Communication lesson in University of Izmir Economics. Our work includes MODERNIZATION DISCOURSES AND IDEOLOGIES, MODERNIZATION in TURKEY, NATIONALISM and CULTURAL INSTITUTIONS, IMAGINED COMMUNITIES, and lastly ANALYSIS OF VİZONTELE in communication systems. We worked together with Aysu Gökova and Özge Üçtop for this work. Moreover, we shouldn’t forget my homemade Ebubekir Önder’s helping to translate this work. Ebu thanks a lot.



In our article, respectively we mentioned about modernization, nationalism, imaginary communities, discourses, ideologies and cultural studies from general to specific. In this analysis which was made for research it is seen that there is a hidden meaning beyond the scenes we saw in the movie and also some notions about communication are placed into the movie secretly which can be considered as an important communication concept. We analyzed this film in terms of modernization, nationalism, imaginary communities, discourses and ideologies which can be considered as important communication concepts according to our thoughts. It can be said that there is a negotiation between real and official culture in the movie. The characters in the movie portray past period events as a part of real life in our country and portray people who lived and witnessed these events personally.  In this movie portrayed lives are faced with the ideological and sociological problems. Upon entry of television in their lives, which can be considered as a step for modernization for the people of village, as a first effect it makes people conflicted and it changes a lot of ideas in many fields.  From the foundation of our country to 70s, it comes over 50 years, the country’s western regions examined the steps of modernization earlier the same as the general Western concepts of modernization, however it is seen that eastern regions of the country remained the rest. The director, writer and leading actor of this movie Yılmaz Erdoğan, who came from this region and witnessed the difficulties and realities of the region personally at the same direction of the movie, depicted all events of that time by agency of the movie.

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