Basic Communication Applications on Films

In this work, I study to analysis a documentary movie/film which calls ‘MUSTAFA’ produced by Can DÜNDAR. Documentary movies are part of mass communication in communications studies. Firstly, I try to description to applications of communications studies on films, after I add my own ideas and opinions. Therefore, I want to start a question. ‘What is communication’ after than go step by step. According to Işık, ‘communications as a systemic process in which people interact with and through symbols to create and interpret meanings.’ (2008: ?)

Communication has got some elements such as sender, message, medium etc. In this movie has got a big prepared group which includes editor, producer, cameraman, music composer etc. I think all of them are senders. They send us, their ideas and opinions to film. ‘What/who is sender and what are messages?’ Sender is a person who encodes or gives expression to the message and source of communications messages.  In this movie, producer Can Dündar shows us, informs us, says us a lot of things, sent us something, all of them are messages and Can Dündar is our main sender. Okumaya devam et “Basic Communication Applications on Films”

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