The Basic Multiattribute model: Yusuf’s Hamburger Makers Decision


                                                                                    Beliefs (B)


Attribute (i)                  Importance            McDonald’s                Burger King             Ohannes Burger


Hamburger                           9                                  3                                      9                                    9


Potatoes                               9                                   7                                     1                                     5


Drink                                     9                                   9                                      4                                     9


Sauce                                    9                                   1                                       9                                    7


Fast                                       7                                   7                                       3                                    8


Cost                                      9                                    1                                       1                                    10


Ambience                            6                                 2                                   2                          8                   


Self opinion                        10                                   3                                       5                                    9



                                                                                280                                   299                                554


Source: Cos90

Note: These hypothetical ratings are scored from 1 to 10 and higher numbers indicate ‘better’ standing on an attribute. For a negative attribute (e.g cost) higher scores indicate that the school is believed to have ‘less’ of that attribute (i.e to be cheaper)

This table shows these hypothetical ratings. Based on this analysis, it seems that Yusuf has the most favorable attitude toward Ohannes Burger.

Book abstract about Multi attributes attitudes model;

A simple response does not always tell us everything we need to know, either about why the consumer feels a certain way toward a product or about what marketers can do to change his attitudes.

Our beliefs (accurate or not) about a product often are key to how we evaluate it.

 If attitudes are so complex, marketing researchers may use multi attribute attitude models to understand consumers. This type of model assumes that a consumer’s attitude toward an attitude object depends on the beliefs consumer has about several of its attributes. When we use a multi attribute model, we assume that we can identify these specific beliefs and combine them to derive a measure of the consumer’s overall attitude.  We’ll describe how these models work by using the example of a consumer evaluating a complex attitude object that should be very familiar to you: a college.

Basic multi attribute models specify three elements;

1-      Attributes are characteristics; For example; one of a college’s attributes is its scholarly reputation.

2-      Beliefs are cognitions about the specific. For example; a student might believe that the Middle east technical  university is strong academically

3-      Importance weights reflect the relative priority of an attribute to the consumer. In the case of colleges and universities, for example, one student might stress research opportunities whereas another might assign greater weight to athletic programs.  


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