Applications of some parts of Theories of Mass Communication on Films

This work was prepared for my theories of mass communication lessons in this term like a termpaper. It has not included all of mass comm theories, I chose some of them for my work. I hope it is serviceable to you. Im waitin your ideas and opinions. (my english is not good)
Some parts of theories of mass communication studies occupy a huge place within Movies. Writers who write text of movies work with some mass communication researchers to acquire a perfect scenario. Because of communications researchers know how to affect audiences. They use people like cavy to see their studies effects on people in communication channel such as television, radio, movies, newspapers with gate-keeping, agenda–setting etc. Most of people do not understand any of these but who dabble at communication realize each of this. In the light of this information, within this article I chose a movie (film, called V for Vendetta) and we will be analyzing and studying to show to you how includes these theories on movies.
Mass Communication theories on Movies

Mass communications is a part of communications studies. In this way, I want to start a question. ‘What is communication?’ According to Işık, ‘‘communication as a systemic process in which people interacts with and through symbols to create and interpret meanings. ’’ (2008: ?)
Mass communication has strong power to affect people. But, primarily we know what mass communication is. ‘‘Mass communication is messages communicated through a mass medium to a large number of people.’’ (Bittner 1986: 12) You can send your messages to lots of people faster than the other ways with mass medium such as film, radio, television etc. In mass communication, we use some paradigms to study on media such as Marxist media theory, Frankfurt School media theory, Limited effects paradigm from Lazarsfeld and Merton etc. On the other hand, these headings have got some subheading for example, narcotizing dysfunction, gate keeping, agenda setting etc. In this study, we work to match these paradigms with characters’ role, discourse or whatever they do within movie of V for Vendetta. Now lets start to our analysis on movie.

Narcotizing Dysfunction

Firstly, in this movie hero called ‘Vale or V’ says, you forgot the date of fifth November and democracy, liberty etc. You are watched, listened, persuade all places. President Adam Sutler and his party members work on media to hide most of reality. They have a strong lobby to affect to people. He and his partners want to have power on their hands. People live under control.  Nonetheless, a lot of people believe and trust to president and his government.  According to Mass Communications researchers; ‘‘viewers can be responsive, and they interfere to social problems but they are lethargic and unresponsive. Mass communications tolls are accused by mass communication researchers.’’ (Mutlu 1998: 194).  In this definition, we can see easily narcotizing dysfunction in this movie. Okumaya devam et “Applications of some parts of Theories of Mass Communication on Films”

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